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Cherub Rubs wants the best for you and your baby... naturally.
Learn how to manage eczema the Cherub Rubs way, click here!

See amazing results on eczema after using Cherub Rubs
Cherub Rubs products are fully certified organic - not just a couple of organic ingredients, but more than 95% of all the ingredients in the majority of the product range are certified organic. The entire range is manufactured under strict organic standards in a certified organic manufacturing facility.

This means that Cherub Rubs products are not just free of petro-chemicals, artificial fragrances and colours, DEAs, SLS, PEGs and preservatives, but they are also one of the most pure and natural products you can buy. High quality raw materials which are Australian-sourced and organic are used where possible. The concentrations of essential oils used are specifically formulated for the safety of baby.

Being 100% natural is important because what goes on your skin is absorbed into your bloodstream.

How can Cherub Rubs help?

Cherub Rubs is specially formulated for:
  • Infants and babies
  • Individuals with sensitive skins
  • Individuals with eczema and dry skin
Cherub Rubs is recommended by health professionals in Hong Kong, Taiwan and South Korea.

Learn how to manage eczema the Cherub Rubs way, click here!