Frequently Asked Questions

A: If you want a range of products that are not going to irritate your young one’s skin and is honest in what it offers and includes, then Cherub Rubs is a good choice – even more so if you read the labels and ingredients details and accreditation of products available in the market. We adhere to very strict organic standards – which are higher than most other certifications in other countries and as such, parents and families can be assured that what they are putting on their skin will do no harm.
A: All you need to do is check the ingredients list. If the product doesn’t guarantee ‘All Natural’ or ‘All Organic’, it’s likely to contain some petrochemicals, chemical preservatives, etc… Check the ingredients in detail and look out for government approved organic certification.
A: Natural refers to things that grow or are found in nature. e.g. Plants & animals. Organic refers to natural things like plants and animals that are produced without the use of synthetic chemicals, pesticides, chemical fertilizers or genetically modified derivatives.
A: The soaps today are different from the soap our parents used. Today’s soaps are full of artificial fragrances, preservatives, colorings and some ingredients like caustics and petrochemical based additives which make it easier to manufacture and cheaper to produce. The soaps of our parents’ days were made very differently and without many of the chemicals. Our understanding of the long term effects are not as well researched.
A: There is a big difference between natural products and organic products. Natural products are still allowed to be grown using chemicals which contain high levels of proven carcinogenic ingredients. The fertilizers, anti-infestation sprays, etc that are used to produce crops for “natural” ingredients still infiltrate that plant or organism – it is like the food chain. If a big fish eats little fish filled with mercury, the end eater – humans – will end up with mercury poisoning. Certified organic ingredients are grown in soil that has to be free of chemicals – nitrates and phosphates in particular – the plants or animals are grown without the use of chemical fertilizers or pesticides, they are also harvested without the use of chemicals. Plant oils are steam distilled rather than extracted by a method using petrochemicals.

Genetic modified organism (GMO) may have detrimental effects on not only animals and insects but adverse impacts on the soil and ecology.

Organically grown fruits & vegetables have significantly lower levels of nitrates, and higher levels of antioxidants & vitamins particular to that fruit or vegetable.
A: Customers use organic products to avoid the harmful elements found in many chemical ingredients commonly used in the manufacture of most skin care products. These come as dyes, colouring, preservatives, emulsifiers, fragrances etc (SL, SLS, SLES, ALS, parabens, etc)
A: In complying with the Certified Organic Product Standard in Australia, Certified Organic Product means the product must contain at least 95% or above organic ingredients, and contain no synthetic or genetically modified chemicals, no pesticides, no chemical fertilizer and no contaminants like heavy metals in the soil. The production of Cherub Rubs products has to go through an annual audit for its raw material sourcing, production, storage and transportation before renew its Organic Certificate. The manufacturing plant must also be certified organic, and maintain a chemical free environment from pest control to cleaning as well as storage and transportation.
A: To be fair, you need to compare Cherub Rubs products versus another Certified Organic Products. Organic ingredients are much more expensive than natural ingredients. Cherub Rubs uses mainly organic ingredients and the products are Certified Organic, which means they contain no synthetic or genetically modified chemicals, no pesticides, no chemical fertiliser and no contaminants like heavy metals in the soil. The production of Cherub Rubs products has to go through an annual audit for its raw material sourcing, production, storage and transportation before they can renew the Organic Certificate. All this ensures quality control but also costs extra. This is the reason why Fully Certified Organic products are more expensive. In the market, a lot of the products labelled ‘Natural product’ or ‘Certified Organic’, in fact doesn’t mean that it is all natural or organic. Most of the times, the ‘Certified Organic’ label only applies to a single ingredient, usually not achieving 95% organic ingredients, with some brands using chemical preservatives. The best and easiest way to identify if the product is Fully Certified Organic is to check if the Organic Certificate No. is being printed on its label. Certified Organic products are cost effective in the long run by maintaining healthy skin.
A: The European standard can vary from 10% to 95% – check the labels and the fine print. The same goes for the USDA standard. It is also important to check the fine print of the labels which will usually give a percentage of organic ingredients. The Euro Cert standard for example used in Body Shop products has only 10% certified organic ingredients and 95% natural ingredients but still can carry a certified organic label.
A: The percentage of certified organic ingredients in a single product that must be used. In Australia to be CERTIFIED ORGANIC the product not only has to contain 70-95% certified organic ingredients of which all have their own certificates which can trace the product back to the farm, but must also be manufactured in a certified organic facility and comply to all standards that are in place for that in regards to cleaning, pest control, transportation and storage.
A: It has been shown through independent scientific studies that we absorb through our skin around 300 different chemicals each day from shampoo, to moisturizer to makeup. By using certified organic products you can be assured that there are no such chemicals being introduced to the body via the skin – the largest organ of the body which absorbs 80% of whatever we use straight into the bloodstream. Many of these chemicals have been proven to be carcinogenic, linked to infertility and birth problems as well as toxic to livers and kidneys.
A: Infants have extremely soft, delicate skin and it is sensitive – easily react to all chemicals. When you make the choice to purchase only organic skincare products in caring for your child, you permit your little one to grow into the world without being assaulted by chemical preservatives, colorings and artificial fragrances.
A: It is a certificate issued by Safe Cosmetics Australia, an independent organization with mission to provide consumers with the information & identification required to purchase products that are formulated without the use of potentially harmful toxic chemicals. All ingredients are assessed individually for health and safety according to extensive research based on scientific literature and government data sourced locally and aboard. Safe Cosmetics Australia continues to research and evaluate chemicals comparing tests carried out by leading Formulation and Production Chemists based in Australia to information published in the EU, USA and Canada by environmental working groups and scientific research companies.
A: Artificial fragrance is definitely not good for our skin. Cherub Rubs products fragrance is mainly from essential oils. It is absolutely safe with its purity and correct percentage. It offers extra benefits, just similar to aromatherapy.
A: All essential oils in Cherub Rubs products are safe for baby. The oils used are predominantly edible oils and well established for use over many years. They are generally at very low concentrations in Cherub Rubs products to ensure safety for newborn.
A: Yes, as all Cherub Rubs products are free from chemicals. It is suitable for the whole body, from head to toe. It can be used for the whole family, from newborn to adult.
A: There are no issues if the baby licks the products, as all the ingredients in Cherub Rubs products are edible and toxic-free, safe to newborns & kids.
A: Cherub Rubs is the first baby skincare product range that received the 'Certified Organic Product' Certificate In 2006. Cherub Rubs products are safe and convenient for the whole family – for one product for whole family and for entire body, from face to toe. The baby has the most sensitive skin in the family, product safe for the bub is suitable for all in the family.
A: Newborn baby’s skin is most delicate, any product that can be applied in newborn can be used by pregnant women as well.
A: G6PD is deficiency in red blood cells (RBS) due to low RBS production and/or short life cycle of RBS and can lead to anemia. This is largely hereditary and often triggered off by camphor or Fava beans. We have not conducted any clinical trial on this. However, we can assure you that Cherub Rubs products do not have any ingredient containing camphor or similar ingredient. Quite a lot of the G6PD kids have been using Cherub Rubs full range products since 2004.
A: Cherub Rubs products are fully vegetable-based.
A: ‘Aqueous Cream’ or ‘Barrier Cream’ or ‘Coal Tar’ contains no chemical foaming agent, no color or fragrance. However, it contains high level of ‘Petrochemicals' and SLS/SLES. The above are the much better than chemical products, however, it cannot moisturize and help nourish & rejuvenate skin cells with essential oils that contain vitamins A-C-E and are laden with anti-oxidants.
A: Macadamia Oil is a unique Australian Oil. It is a protective oil with a high absorption rate and has been successfully used as a healing oil for scars, sunburns, minor wounds and other irritations. The monounsaturated component is similar to skin sebum. (ref:
A: Many recent journals and studies show that petrochemicals ‘clings’; it just acts as a barrier and may block your skin pores. It does not help nourish and rejuvenate skin cells. Petrochemicals may also contain some harmful impurities.
A: There is no guarantee for anything medically but it rarely happens as Cherub Rubs products are free from allergenic chemicals. The likely chance for kids to be allergic to Cherub Rubs product is someone who is allergic to known natural substances, e.g. those who are allergic to Tea Tree may be allergic to any product containing Tea Tree ingredient. Allergy from chemicals is quite common, but one may not be aware of it.
A: ‘Lemon Eucalyptus Oil’ serves the purpose. Its fragrance is gentler; kids will not reject it as they might when using citronella or DEET. Kids can also apply it by themselves in school or in outdoor as it is not harmful to them even with frequent application. Citronella and DEET are not recommended for children especially those under 3 years old. Lemon Eucalyptus Oil is used as food flavouring/fragrance and therapeutic purposes by aboriginals in Australia for many years. Cherub Rubs uses very safe and low concentration in Scatterbugs/Skin Guard Plus.
A: Scatterbugs is an insect deterrent. Flying insects which feed on human blood detect us via smell. Scatterbugs works by masking the smell of humans so those insects cannot “find” us.
A: Skin Guard Plus is formulated with a higher concentration of Lemon Eucalyptus Oil, with the rest of the ingredients similar to Scatterbugs. Skin Guard Plus is intended for older children (3 years and above) and adults who find Scatterbugs not effective enough to repel mosquitos.
A: They can switch to Skin Guard Plus whenever they like, as long as they are older than three years old.
A: Skin Soothe can relieve any itchiness in any area, not just for bites and stings. Besides, people usually apply mosquito repellent after being bitten, and Skin Soothe will be an excellent product to stop scratching. Skin Soothe also helps to relieve dry or irritated skin.
A: Skin Soothe is chemical free and most useful for pregnant women to relief abdominal itchiness as it is much safer to the foetus than any other chemical after penetration.
A: Skin Soothe is absolutely good and safe for applying anywhere over the body. It doesn’t contain any irritating ingredient.
A: Skin Balm is absolutely good for applying anywhere over the body, including lip area. All the ingredients are edible.
A: Skin Balm is absolutely good and gentle for applying anywhere over the body. It doesn’t contain any irritating ingredient. It is an effective nappy rash cream as well as diaper barrier cream.
A: Skin Balm is absolutely good and gentle for applying anywhere over the body, and will help to soothe sore or cracked nipples. It doesn’t contain any irritating or toxic ingredient, and is safe for baby during breast feeding with no need to rinse off.
A: It is normal for a new user. That feeling of dry, rough hair will vanish when all chemical residues that other shampoos leave on your hair has been washed away. There is nothing in the product that can dry hair out to make it rough.
A: Cherub Rubs Baby Safe Hair and Body Wash is formulated to help loosen the scales from cradle cap - the tea tree oil is therapeutically indicated to help to reduce the build-up of scale from cradle cap. Rub a small amount on the baby's head and gently massage into the scalp. It will not lift immediately but will continue to thin out with regular use over time.
A. It is recommended to bathe the baby in a tub filled with lukewarm water, with a teaspoon of Hair & Body Wash added and mixed well. For tub washing, it is not necessary to rinse off. If Hair & Body Wash is applied using a wet scrub or washcloth, it is good practice to rinse off with water to wash away any sweat and dirt from the body.
A. Cherub Rubs products are not tested on animals, and is cruelty-free. Cherub Rubs also does not contain any animal by-product.