Treat Your Baby's
Skin With Care.

Choose a 100% Natural & Organic Solution.
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Enjoy bathing your baby with Cherub Rubs

Your newborn’s skin is delicate and only the safest products should be used. Give yourself a peace of mind with Cherub Rubs.

Healthy baby, happy mummy.

Bath Time Suggestion! Wet baby in a tub of warm water (37°C is ideal). Apply a small teaspoon of Hair & Body Wash to warm water or apply with clean hands. Rinse off with water. Towel dry baby and moisturise with Skin Balm lightly. Skin Balm can also be used as a diaper barrier cream.

Bath time essentials

Baby Safe Hair & Body Wash

A soft naturally lathering shampoo and body wash ideal for the whole family.
Using a blend of tea-tree and lemon essential oils, it cleans hair, skin and scalp restoring a natural glow.
No Sodium Lauryl Sulphate or petrochemicals.

Skin Balm

Cherub Rubs Organic Skin Balm is a rich and nourishing cream for chapped and dried skin on the hands, face and body. The combination of organic sandalwood, calendula and chamomile oils work to soothe dry skin while the organic butters and oils help replenish and nourish. It is ideal for nappy rash and helping to relieve cracked heels and palms from overexposure to the elements and harsh chemicals.

Skin Soothe

A cooling gel to help young skins survive the rough and tumble of the day. Nourishing certified organic aloe vera gel and centella, carrot and calendula oils revitalise the skin whilst witch-hazel takes the sting out of scrapes and bites. Also found to be soothing to dry or itchy skin conditions.