This is my first time trying on a bug repellent lotion. Its non-sticky feel and refreshing scent lets Kyle enjoy his outdoor activities without any bites and stings! Cherub Rubs Scatterbugs is always my first choice to bring along for our outdoor activities now. We ❤ the 100% natural and organic product.

Caroline C.

When my daughter was 4 months old, she developed a rash over her whole body after a swim. I tried using her usual hypoallergenic emollient cream, but it made it worse. Fortunately I was recommended Cherub Rubs Skin Balm and Skin Soothe. They provided instant relief and the redness subsided. After applying them both twice a day for 3 weeks, her skin was restored to normal baby softness. Cherub Rubs has seen us through eczema and insect bites and has been indispensable for my kids, especially when we travel.

Catherine G.

My son is very prone to mosquito bites on his hands/legs. It got serious when he return home from school one day with 4 mosquito bites on his forehead. Hence, I started to look out for something that I could apply on him to prevent mozzie bites and I chance upon Cherub Rub Scatterscreen from other mummies recommendation. I tried and from that day onwards my son do not have any mozzie bites anymore. On top of that, it smells refreshing and it has outdoor protection. The best part is I love that it can be used for my newborn/adults too. Highly recommended to all mummies with kids!

Joyce L.

During every rainy season, I would be so worried about mosquitoes. We have experienced dengue fever in the family and we really wanted to protect the little ones from it. We did not want to just buy ANY insect repellent as my son has sensitive skin and allergies. Finally we found Scatterbugs and have never looked back. We bring it with us everywhere, even when travelling to beach resorts.

Iris T.

I was introduced to the Cherub Rubs Scatterbugs lotion which works well protecting my 2 little precious boys from mozzie bites whenever we head out of the house. In light of the recent zika situation happening here in singapore, i was very concerned and spent many hours searching for the best ways i can protect my loved ones, especially my 2 young babies.

Most of the mozzie repellents contain deet which is not safe for pregnant mummies or young children while those that dont, may not work very well.

I was determined to find something that would be 100% safe when used on my little ones. So even if they put their hands in their mouths after application, there is nothing to freak out about.

Cherub Rubs Scatterbug is 100% natural and certified organic! It has also received certification of being toxic-free which is important. The scent is pleasant and mild with a very light and smooth texture. The formula does not leave a sticky residue after application and feels nice and cool.

I strongly recommend Cherub Rubs to all expecting mothers because you really NEED to stay protected with the right products!

Calista Faye

My girl suffered from very bad eczema that persisted for a very long time. After exhausting different brands available in the market, my kind neighbour introduced me to try Cherub Rubs out. I went to buy Skin Balm and I'm so glad to say that things improved after a week! Thank you so much, Cherub Rubs! Both mummy and baby are happy!

Eunice T.

I got a pack of sample during a visit to Taka baby fair. Left the sample on the shelf, until one day my baby girl’s heat rash didn't go away with the normal papaya ointment that usually helps with her diaper rash. The heat rash got bad and she kept scratching it throughout the night while she is asleep. So I thought, why not try Cherub Rubs. And it works wonder for her so I went to purchase one tube.

With this new tube, we had an incident happen that proves Cherub Rubs is indeed toxic-free and organic. My hubby was happily allowing my girl to play with the Skin Balm tube. And! She managed to open up the tube and feed herself with the balm. My husband was hurrying me to go wash her mouth as he was sure she ate a big mouthful. Luckily, my girl is alright. Nothing happened to her. Whenever I use the balm now, my husband will chant the ingredients and benefits of Skin Balm as a reminder!

Lay Yin

My son has always had sensitive skin and i’ve tried so many products to shower him to not trigger the rashes.
He had a terrible outbreak after I showered him with another brand of product.
And only Cherubs will keep him smelling fresh and away from rashes! As a mum of 3, I highly recommend! I’m currently using the lemon shower and also the skin balm. It’s the best products i’ve used so far and i’m not going to change it.

Candy, aka mum of 3

My son has a bad habit of scratching his eczema till it bleeds. So it wouldn't heal until I came across Cherub Rubs and decided to give it a try. I use Skin Soothe, Skin Balm and also Baby Safe Hair and Body Wash every day and his skin showed significant improvement after 3 weeks, and fully recovered after 5 weeks!


I have been using your Skin Balm for Kalista and I'm amazed with it. Let me just tell you why I was awed with it; Kali was having diaper rash out of the blue, I just bought your cream to replace the typical diaper cream that was from the pharmacy to try. I applied it after her morning bath & also after her wipe down in the evening. the next day, the rashes was gone! super amazed!


Hi! I’m happy that I was recommended Cherub Rubs Skin Balm for my child’s (6+mo then) diaper rash. Initially, her rash worsened when I applied another brand’s cream and I was concerned that I would not be able to find an alternative cream to help soothe her diaper rashes. After purchasing Skin Balm by Cherub Rubs and applying it consistently with every diaper change for 3 days, my child’s skin is back to its healthy supple state. ☺️ I also do like the fact that the Skin Balm is easily absorbed into the skin without leaving a thick sticky mess. Best of all, it’s so gentle on my child’s skin, and organic! Another important factor for me is customer service. I’m very pleased with the customer service rendered by Cherub Rubs. Thank you for patiently answering all my queries and advice. I truly appreciate it. Skin Balm = Miracle Cream! (Can I also add that it helped to soothe the rough bumps at my little one’s neck folds? Because it did!)